Prime Minister visits Chinggis Khaan international airport

2021-03-09 19:43:59

On March 6, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene visited the control tower, hangar, ‘One-Stop Sevice’ area, and passenger service area of Chinggis Khaan international airport and got acquainted with the Aero City project. “Mongolia plans to reopen its air border from May 1. The new airport is therefore set to open on July 1, about which we had discussions with Japan. Preparations for the opening of the Chinggis Khaan airport in Sergelen soum of Tuv aimag are 85 percent complete. We have to promptly complete the preparations. It has been reported to be feasible to relocate the carriers to Khushigt Valley within 24 hours without disrupting the flight schedules,” said the PM. When the new airport comes into operation, runway use will increase from 73 percent to 98 percent, there will be more transit traffic, safety assurance will improve, and there will come an opportunity for an increase in passenger and freight traffic following the opening of new routes. Four carriers are currently operating in the airline industry of Mongolia. Statistics show that 1.6 million passengers were carried in 2019 and 440 thousand passengers, most of whom work in the mining industry, in 2020. Also, 5.7 thousand tons of freight and mail were transported in 2019 and 2.7 thousand tons, a 52 percent decline, in 2020. 78,725 flights were operated in 2020, a 48.1 percent drop from the 151,772 flights in 2019. The industry’s revenue fell by MNT 140 billion or 71.9 percent in 2020. During the PM’s visit to the Chinggis Khaan airport, specialists updated him on the plan for construction and financing of a sports complex in Aero City.