“E-Mongolia” Center opens at Central Post Office

2021-05-11 14:31:40

“E-Mongolia” Center was opened at the Central Post Office on May 9. The center will provide 516 online services of around 50 government organizations, giving instructions and advices to citizens. 

Opening ceremony of the center was attended by Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene, Governor of the Capital City D.Sumiyabazar and authorities of information and communication technology sector.

The PM said that the government should be transparent to its citizens. Digitization of government services will eliminate bureaucracy, red tape and corruption. This is an important step for good governance. Further, we will digitize all public services. Government officials will come to the center and exchange information with you all. The Government will collaborate with its citizens for good governance and make all necessary changes.


For the capital city, 113 types of public services have been fully integrated into E-Mongolia system. Further, aside from 20 services of eight organizations, 34 types of special permission services will be digitized with the financing of the Urban Governance Project being implemented by the Asia Foundation, said D.Sumiyabazar, Governor of the Capital City.

As of May 9, citizens have obtained 1.6 million public services (in repeated counting) from e-Mongolia system. If the citizens have any problem to get public services from www.e-mongolia.mn and mobile applications, it is available to be served by the center and get instructions.