Ruling Mongolian People’s Party wins 62 of 76 parliament seats

2020-06-25 15:27:40

Votes for the 2020 parliamentary elections had been counted and aggregated by early morning of today. As of the preliminary results, the ruling party in the current parliament – Mongolian People’s Party gained the majority or 62 seats in the 76-seat parliament, while the opposing Democratic Party won 11 seats. 


The remaining three seats were acquired by S.Ganbaatar from 'Our Coalition', former Prime Minister of Mongolia and former leader of the Democratic Party, an independent candidate N.Altankhuyag and T.Dorjkhand from ‘Right Persion Electorate Coalition’.



Out of 76 elected candidates for the new parliament, 13 are women. The current 7th parliament of Mongolia has 13 female members while the percentage of female representation in the 6th parliament elected in 2012 was 14.4 percent with 11 women members. 


In accordance with the Mongolian Law on Elections, the central election authority will announce the complete final results of the election on which candidates obtained the most votes and will issue temporary credentials of member of the State Great Hural – parliament for the candidates deemed elected as Members of the State Great Hural. Moreover, within 15 days following the end of the election, the General Election Commission will issue and submit the list of persons elected as parliament members to the President of Mongolia and make them public. 

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